1. Editorial
  2. Sports injuries and illnesses during the London Summer Olympic Games 2012
  3. The London 2012 Summer Olympic Games: an analysis of usage of the Olympic Village "Polyclinic" by competeing athletes.
  4. Illness and injury in athletes during the competition period at the London 2012 Paralympic Games: development and implementation of a web-based surveillance system (Web-IISS) for team medical staff
  5. The epidemiology of injuries at the London 2012 Paralympic Games
  6. Factors associated with the illness in athletes participating in the London 2012 Paralympic Games a prospective cohort study involving 49 910 athlete-days
  7. Exposure-adjusted incidence rates and severity of competition injutires in Australian amateur taekwondo athletes: a 2-year prospective study.
  8. Safety performance evaluation of taekwondo headgear.