1. Welcome to the issue
  2. Message from the President
  3. Message from the Secretary-General
  4. ISOH Lifetime award for professor Roland Renson by Anthony Th. Bijerk
  5. Obituary Monique Berlioux by Anthony Th. Bijerk
  6. The Quiet Irishman  a final portrait of Lord Killanin by Monique Berlioux
  7. "The Tokyo Olympic Games will and must go on" by Volker Kluge
  8. Designed but not issued - The Olympic Philately of Helsinki 1940 by Manfred Bergman
  9. The Mystery Remains by Anthony Th. Bijerk
  10. Memorabilia: Lost and Found by Volker Kluge
  11. Remembering my Father Ferenc Csik by Katalain Csik
  12. New life is moving back into the Olympic Village of 1936 by Volker Kluge
  13. From Games Symbols to Historical and Cultural Representations: The Summer Mascots by Larry Gerlach
  14. An Olympian who survived Three Concentration Camps by Annamária Holler Mecséri
  15. Tony Wilding: Tennis's first matinée idol by Bep van Houdt
  16. Glickman's "Footnote" as a new Foundation myth? by Volker Kluge
  17. The biographies of all IOC Members, Part XIX by Ian Buchanan and Wolf Lyberg
  18. Obiturias
  19. Book Reviews
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