1. Address by the IOA President, Isidoros Kouvelos
  2. IOA 2009-2016: Eight years of dynamic growth by Dionyssis Gangas
  3. The IOA honors the Hellenic Olympic Team in Rio 2016
  4. Hill of the Pnyx 2016: The traditional Opening Ceremony
  5. A life experience, the 56th International Session for Young Participants
  6. The Academies and Committees discuss sustainability
  7. Master's Degree Programme "Olympic Studies, Olympic Education, Organisation and Management of Olympic Events"
  8. "Sports, Society and Culture", 5th International Scholar's Symposium by Christina Lafi
  9. Educating the Postgraduate Students
  10. "Imagine Peace" Youth Camp: A second year of success by Constantinos Filis
  11. Knots in Hellas 2016: Exploring the world of advanced mathematics by Sofia Lambropoulou
  12. Ancient Greece and the Modern World, and International Conference by Stefanos A. Paipetis
  13. The Philosophers Return to Olympia by Heather L. Reid
  14. IOA's publications
  15. The NOAs around the world
  16. The NOA of Greece stands by the child refugees
  17. IOAPA members share experiences during Rio 2016
  18. IOA News