1. Welcome to the issue
  2. Message from the president
  3. The relay without a flame
  4. The flag was delivered by parachute
  5. The learning of a new world language - "Olympian"
  6. Mexican experiences
  7. Harrison Dillard: "wow, all for my sake!"
  8. In the beginning there was ... Wembley
  9. A piece of cloth and melody - a never ending struggle
  10. Wilhelm Schmitz: forgotten "olympian" of the 1896 games
  11. An Olympic village called "brotherly love"
  12. London 2012 legacy - Did London deliver on its Singapore pledges?
  13. The last "Olympics for the disabled" 1980
  14. The only artist to win two olympic gold medals
  15. The biographies of all IOC members, Part XXVIII
  16. Obituaries
  17. Book Reviews